Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions, excitement, and endless details. While you’ll have beautiful memories, capturing every special moment perfectly can be challenging. But between the ceremony, reception, and greeting loved ones, it’s easy to feel like some dream photos might slip away. This is where a post-wedding photoshoot enters the scene, offering a fantastic way to create lasting memories of your special day. At Chitra Geek Studios, we understand that your wedding day is just the beginning of your happily ever after. That’s why we truly believe in the magic of a post-wedding photoshoot. Our post wedding photographers are experts at capturing candid moments with creative post wedding photoshoot poses ensuring your photos are anything but ordinary.

post wedding photoshoot
post wedding photographers

                                                                                                                     Photos captured by chitrageek studios 


If you’re getting married, you should engage a post wedding photographer for your post-wedding photoshoot session ahead of time so that you can relax, feel comfortable, take your time, and nail the right post wedding photoshoot poses to get those perfect pictures!

Here’s why a post-wedding photoshoot might be a perfect fit for you:

  • Stress-free, creative captures

Wedding days are sudden events. A post-wedding photography lets you relax, capture those picture-perfect poses, and explore creative locations you might not have time for on the big day itself.

  • Quality time together

The wedding day can be a blur. A post-wedding shoot is a dedicated time for you and your spouse to create some lasting memories 

  • No pressure, perfect poses

On your wedding day, you might feel rushed to get those family photos. A post-wedding shoot lets you take your time and perfect those poses you and your partner visualize.

  • Rock your wedding attire again 

Most couples spend a lot on their wedding outfits. A post-wedding photoshoot lets you wear your gown or suit again and capture its beauty in a relaxed setting.

At Chitrageek Studios, we will suggest some creative post wedding photoshoot ideas  to craft a shoot that reflects your vision and captures the essence of your love.

post wedding photoshoot poses
post wedding photographers
post wedding photography ideas
couple post wedding photoshoot


Congratulations! You tied the knot and embarked on your happily ever after. Now, it’s time to capture the magic of those newlywed feels with stunning post-wedding photoshoot ideas. But where to begin? Don’t worry, lovebirds, ChitraGeek Studios is here to help!

Streetscapes & Aesthetics

ChitraGeek Studios offers a unique post-wedding photoshoot in Varanasi that combines the magic of Varanasi’s streetscapes with stunning aesthetics.We can capture your love against the backdrop of the rising sun, the bustling activity on the ghats, or the serene evening aarti ceremony.

Relive the Romance

  • Golden Hour Glow: Capture the warm, romantic light of golden hour with intimate portraits. Think soft embraces and genuine laughter.
  • Just Married Joy: Recreate the excitement of your getaway car with playful poses, balloons, and “Just Married” signs

Get Whimsical

  • Fairytale Forest: Find a location with lush greenery, whimsical pathways, and charming bridges. Let your inner child run free and create playful, magical photos.
  • Carnival of Love: Rent a vintage car, grab some colorful props, and recreate the joyous atmosphere of a carnival. Think vibrant balloons, playful poses, and cotton candy smiles.
  • Underwater Adventure: For a truly unique experience, consider an underwater post wedding photoshoot. Surrounded by coral reefs and colorful fish, you’ll create photos that are unlike anything else.
couple post wedding photoshoot ideas
the walking pose for post wedding photoshoot
post wedding shoot poses


Since you’ve chosen ChitraGeek Studios for your post-wedding photoshoot in Guwahati, you can be sure they’ll capture stunning memories. Here are some post wedding photoshoot poses to consider that might work well with Guwahati’s beautiful locations for couples. 

  • Dance Away

The “Dance Away” pose is a perfect way to capture the joy and energy of your post-wedding photoshoot. Want to add some fire to your post-wedding photoshoot? Love salsa? Do it! Bollywood shine? Show off those Kathak moves! Choose a dance style you both enjoy. Plan a mini dance routine together, like something you’d perform on stage. Or, just turn on some music and capture the fun and energy of your moves.

  • The Walking Stroll

The Walking Stroll is a set of poses for a post-wedding photoshoot that captures the joy and connection of a newly married couple. It emphasizes a natural, candid feel as you walk together, hand-in-hand, through a beautiful setting. Choose a scenic location that complements your wedding theme. Parks, gardens, beaches, or charming streets are all great options.As you walk, playfully tilt your head towards your partner or lean your shoulder against theirs.

  • The Twirling pose

The twirling pose is a classic and fun way to capture the joy and movement of your post-wedding photoshoot. The groom gently spins the bride around by her hand or lets go of her waist, allowing her to twirl on her own. The photographer will take a series of shots as the bride twirls, capturing the flow of the dress and the joy on her face.

Remember, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and relaxed. Trust Chitra Geek Studios to guide you through admiring couple post wedding photoshoot and capture your genuine connection.

post wedding photoshoot ideas
couple post wedding photography
twirling pose for post wedding shoot


Varanasi, the holy city of India, beats with vibrant energy and timeless beauty. For your post-wedding photoshoot, what could be more magical than capturing your love story against this enchanting backdrop? Chitra Geek Studios, renowned for their exceptional post wedding photography in Varanasi, brings you a treasure collection of outdoor post wedding photoshoot ideas to make memories truly unforgettable.

Outdoor photoshoot ideas in Varanasi,

  • Golden Light at the Ghats : The Ganges, the soul of Varanasi, provides a stunning canvas for your post-wedding photoshoot. As the first rays of dawn paint the sky, capture the serenity of an aarti ceremony or steal a romantic moment on the ghats bathed in the golden light.
  • Blessings by the River : Seek blessings for your union at the iconic Kashi Vishwanath Temple. Chitrageek Studios’ photographers will ensure these sacred moments are preserved with sensitivity and respect.
  • A Serene Sunset by the Ganges : As the sun dips below the horizon, casting an ethereal glow on the Ganges, capture the quiet intimacy of your love. Let Chitra Geek Studios create silhouettes that tell a story of forever.
post wedding shoot in varanasi
post wedding photography in varanasi
outdoor post wedding photoshoot in varanasi

                                                                                                                     Photos captured by chitrageek studios 

Outdoor photoshoot ideas in Guwahati,

  • Tea Gardens of Assam : Lose yourselves amongst the forest of Assam’s tea gardens. Our post wedding photographers in guwahati will use the soft glow of the morning or afternoon sun to create a magical backdrop for romantic poses.
  • Brahmaputra Riverfront: The mighty Brahmaputra forms a majestic canvas for your love story. Capture playful moments by the riverside, or a serene scene on a slow-moving boat, soaking in the breathtaking Guwahati sunset.
  • Temple Trail: Steeped in rich heritage, Guwahati’s ancient temples like Kamakhya Temple or Umananda Temple offer a beautiful blend of culture and serenity for your traditional post wedding photoshoot. Dress in traditional Assamese attire for a truly unique set of photos. Our experienced photographers will guide you through graceful poses that highlight the beauty of post wedding photoshoot in saree and the temple setting.
post wedding photoshoot in guwahati
outdoor post wedding photoshoot in guwahati
outdoor post wedding photoshoot in guwahati

                                                                                                                     Photos captured by chitrageek studios 


A couple post-wedding photoshoot isn’t just about capturing stunning images; it’s about creating a unique experience for you as a newly married couple. It’s a chance to unwind, Celebrate your love story in a unique way, and walk away with a beautiful post wedding photoshoot that will forever hold a special place in your hearts. Contact Chitra Geek Studios today and let us turn your post-wedding photoshoot into a beautiful extension of your happily ever after.

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