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Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, a time filled with anticipation, excitement, and of course, a whole lot of glowing! In India, where traditions hold a special place, celebrating motherhood takes on a vibrant character. And what better way to capture this special time than with an Indian traditional maternity photoshoot that reflects your heritage?

The journey of motherhood is a beautiful blessing, and capturing that special time with a maternity photoshoot is a cherished tradition in India. This blog is your guide to creating stunning maternity photoshoots in an Indian tradition. We’ll explore beautiful outfit ideas, captivating locations and traditional maternity photoshoot ideas that will make your photos a cherished offering for generations to come. So, get ready to embrace your inner goddess and create memories that will forever remind you of the magic of bringing new life into the world. 

traditional maternity photoshoot

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A traditional maternity photoshoot celebrating your pregnancy with a traditional Indian twist can be a beautiful way to capture this special time. Here’s a guide to help you plan a stunning and meaningful traditional maternity photoshoot ideas filled in Indian tradition:

1. Concept and Theme

  • Region and Heritage: Reflect your cultural background. Research traditional clothing styles, jewelry, and specific to your region. 
  • Festival Inspiration: Draw inspiration from vibrant Indian festivals like Holi or Diwali. Use colorful drapes, flowers, and decorations to capture the festive spirit.
  • Spiritual Connection: Incorporate elements that reflect your faith. This could be a puja setting with religious symbols or photos taken at a sacred place.
  • Music and Scents: Play traditional Indian music or use soothing aromas like sandalwood incense to create a calming atmosphere.

By considering region and heritage, you can create a traditional maternity photoshoot that’s both beautiful and meaningful, celebrating your upcoming arrival and cultural background. 

traditional maternity photoshoot with heritage

2. Attire and Accessories

  • Traditional Dress: Many cultures have specific garments for pregnant women or special occasions. Explore sarees in India, lehengas for your traditional maternity photoshoot. If borrowing traditional clothing, ensure it’s from your heritage or respectfully obtained. Choose outfits that flatter your pregnant figure and allow for movement during the shoot. 
  • Saree Magic: Explore different saree draping styles. A low-waist drape accentuates the bump, while a Gujarati style offers a more subtle reveal. Opt for rich silks or comfortable cottons.
  • Jewelry with Meaning: Layer on bangles, necklaces, and earrings traditionally worn by pregnant women. Consider heirloom pieces passed down through generations for a sentimental touch. Traditional jewelry can add a touch of cultural significance to your traditional maternity photography. Think of headpieces, bangles, or necklaces specific to your background.
  • Mangalsutra and Bangles: Don’t forget these significant marital symbols that add a touch of cultural significance.
  • Hair and Makeup: Opt for a classic Indian bridal style or a more natural look with flowers braided into your hair. Makeup should complement your outfit and enhance your natural beauty. Think loose curls, waves, or braids. These styles add a touch of femininity and flow nicely around your bump. When posing for your traditional maternity photoshoot, use your hair or hands to gently frame your baby bump and draw attention to it.

When it comes to a traditional maternity shoot, the goal is to create a timeless and elegant look that complements your natural beauty and celebrates motherhood.

Jewelry for traditional maternity photoshoot
Hair and Makeup for traditional maternity photoshoot

                                                                                                                     Photos captured by chitrageek studios 

3. Poses and Techniques

  • Couple Poses: Include your partner with gentle embraces or holding your baby bump together.
  • Silhouette: Create a silhouette photo against a sunset for a dramatic effect.
  • Black and White: Black and white photos can add a timeless elegance to your maternity portraits.
  • Flowers: Drape flowers around you or hold a flower bouquet. Include vibrant flower arrangements like marigolds or jasmine to symbolize new life and blessings.
  • Reading to your bump: Capture a tender moment by reading to your unborn baby.
  • Sitting Poses: Sitting allows for comfortable and intimate shots for your traditional maternity photoshoot. Consider sitting cross-legged on the floor, on a chair, or a traditional swing.

By combining these poses, techniques, and considerations, you can create a beautiful traditional maternity photoshoot that celebrates your heritage and captures the joy of motherhood in a timeless way. 

poses for traditional couple maternity shoot
traditional maternity photoshoot ideas

4. Locations that Capture the Essence of traditional maternity photoshoot 

  • The Great Outdoors: Find a scenic spot with cultural significance, a heritage garden, a traditional courtyard, or a temple with beautiful architecture for your traditional maternity photoshoot.
  • Indoor Elegance: Prefer a haveli or a home decorated with traditional textiles, intricate carvings, and antique furniture.
  • In-Studio Creativity: Work with our maternity photographers in varanasi to create a traditional setup with backdrops, props, and cultural elements.
  • Historical Buildings: Grand archways, ivy-covered walls, and elegant courtyards of historical landmarks add a touch of glory and culture to your traditional maternity photoshoot.

By considering these locations and tips, you can capture beautiful and timeless traditional maternity photography that celebrate this special moment in your life. 

in-studio traditional maternity photoshoot
historical traditional maternity photoshoot


Indian traditional maternity photoshoots are a beautiful way to capture the joy and tradition of pregnancy. They’re about celebrating life, love, and the special bond between a mother and her unborn child, creating lasting memories to cherish forever. Capturing this special time in a way that celebrates your heritage and cultural background with beautiful traditional maternity photoshoot ideas that you’ll cherish forever. With vibrant colors, stunning attire, and meaningful symbolism, an Indian traditional maternity photoshoot allows you to embrace the joy of creation and the beauty of motherhood. So, get creative, incorporate your favorite traditions, and let Chitra Geek Studios capture the magic! 

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